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Alpha-Rowen Ltd remains the largest UK sub-contractor of austempering servicing in the spring and presswork market.

The companies broad range of furnaces can deal with an array of specifications to a very high standard. Alpha-Rowen Ltd currently employs 21 staff, with an average service to the company of over 10 years, giving clients a wealth of experience. Over 20 years has been devoted to the development of 3 types of austempering furnaces, and the manufacture of over 20,000 different components. Along with the expertise of producing a high quality product, recognising the need for fast and flexible turnaround of both large and small volumes is also integral to Apha-Rowen's success. 


Our customers supply austempered components to many industries including:

Automotive and aerospace

Electrical and electronic 

Construction, DIY and Ironmongery 

White goods and stationary Telecommunications


At Alpha-Rowen Ltd, we recognise that to satisfy our customers’ needs we must pursue the objective of "never ending improvement" in all aspects of our business. To assist us in this philosophy we have a quality assurance management system certificated to ISO 9001:2000.

We also recognise that we need the full co-operation and support of all our employees to continually meet our objective. We ensure all our personnel are fully aware of the company’s objectives and we re-enforce this through on-going training and educational programmes throughout the company.

Our austempered products have a clean blue finish suitable for further processing or can be dipped in de-watering oil to provide some short term corrosion resistance 
We can process components over a range of specifications to meet your requirements.

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  • June 2013
  • 25
  • 2009
  • £2,400,000

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Unit 15 Barnfield Road, Tipton, Dudley, DY4 9DF
Tel: 01215576175